Avoid engine failure and fuel system decontamination with a tank vent dehumidifier.


Stop Condensated Water

Absorbs water in the moist air entering the tank ventilation.

No plugs in the fuel system

Prevents growth of bacteria that will plug the fuel system.

Rechargeable with indicator

Re-use the crystals over and over again. Recharging is normaly needed every 6-18th month.

Eco friendly

Replaces toxic chemicals  used as fuel additive.

Quick installation

Installed on the existing air venting hose. Optional three way stopcock for draining excess fuel during refueling.


For all type of tanks in moist and normal environments.

GOBI DRY tank web

For fuel tanks up to 750 liters / 200 Gallons.


About Diesel Bacteria 

Oil products are degraded by micro-organisms normally found in the soil. They find their way into the tank via the air during storage and handling. The bacteria live out of the carbon in the fuel and growth begins upon contact with condensed water in the tanks.
Diesel Bacteria is the common name for the bacteria, fungi or algae that we encounter in diesel tanks.
During unlucky conditions of temperature and access to water the growth of bacteria can virtually explode resulting in a slimy sludge that most often is brownish or black.
On a moving vessel this will certainly lead to clogging since the movements will allow the sludge to be sucked into the fuel system.
After towing to a safe harbor a decontamination of the entire system is necessary. It will be made with toxins as well as mechanical cleaning of engine, hoses and other parts that has been in contact with the sludge. The cleanup should be made promptly since the bacteria mixture is corrosive. Pumps and spreaders are sensitive and neglecting a decontamination might lead to permanent damage.


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