gobidry brick mini dehumidifier in yacht cropped small

GOBI DRY Brick – a cordless mini dehumidifier

GOBI DRY Brick with internal recharge. Connect it to a power outlet overnight and let the crystals recharge.

  • No electricity needed during usage
  • Safe and clean
  • Economical

GOBI DRY Brick will dehumidify also in low temperatures it is the premier choice during winter storage.

After a few reloads the total cost of ownership is lower than a comparable salt solution. As a bonus you will not have to worry about sticky bags and water full of residue.

This dehumidifier is the first choice for boat, RV and camper both at summer and during winter storage. Or at home in the wardrobe or maybe the arms locker.


GOBI DRY Brick use moist absorbing crystals.  Dehumidification is done continuously without any connection to any power. The dehumidifier will absorb moisture until the indicator shows a Blackish/Green colour. When full – move GOBI DRY Brick from the space it is used in and connect the included cable to a 230V power outlet. A small radiator (20W) will remove the water over night. After about 12-15 hours the indicator should be gold/orange and the dehumidifier is ready to be used again.

Suitable for spaces up to 2-3 cubic meters. For bigger volumes please use extra GOBI DRY Brick’s.



Technical data

Size:                               160x80x35mm

Absorption ability:          ca: 130ml water

Weight:                                    350g

Power (while recharging):          AC 100-240 Volt  50/60Hz   20Watt